Clickable Images does not collect personal data of its users from their social network accounts. Clickable Images stores all information locally in your

Chrome browser user data storage.

Clickable Images does not send any of your or social network data to its or 3rd party servers, but in the future, we can add Google Analytics or other tracking services to analyze anonymous & aggregated usage of Clickable Images.

We store only your Clickable Images account information (name, email & licenses on our servers)

We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for connections between client-side (website & app) and our servers to protect your data

Clickable Images is distributed “AS IS”.

Clickable Images paid license and subscriptions are non-refundable.

Clickable Images does not collect any payment information of any kind.

Clickable Images is not a Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Facebook product. You understand that like any third-party software or tools, LinkedIn & Facebook Corporation do not endorse the use of Clickable Imagest nor does Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook Corporation have any association with Clickable Images.